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Almost 18 months
October 26
Charlie's new morning routine when I drop him off at daycare:
  • Climbs the stairs himself!
  • Gives himself a hand for making it up the stairs
  • Smiles at the receptionist when she claps for him
  • Waves and says "bye bye" to the receptionist
  • Then he blows her a kiss
  • He points out the two dogs on the October page of the calendar in the hallway
  • Tries to touch as many locks (there are lockers in the hall) as he can before making it to his room
  • Looks into his room from the hallway to see which of his friends will notice him first
  • Goes into the room and receives a few hugs from other 18 month olds to start the day

Almost 18 months

Weird. I do all of those too! Except blow a kiss to the receptionist, I swear.

kegz on Friday · October 27 2006

hearing that makes me feel a lot better about putting yelena in daycare

stef on Friday · October 27 2006

This picture is so funny. The way he's posed and the way he's looking at the camera reminds me of the photos that we used to take back in my sorority days.

Lisa on Friday · October 27 2006

I dare you to blow a kiss to our building's receptionist, Jason! (He is actually a security guard by title I think)

Stef - seeing how much he enjoys himself makes it tons easier. Is Yelena going to be going to daycare?

Lisa - I asked him to sit on the ledge (he loves sitting on things), but I needed a few tries where he was still enough to get a good shot. I think that is going to be an issue from here on out!

stacy on Friday · October 27 2006

Do 18-month olds really greet each other with hugs?? Oh man, I had no idea -- that's just too adorable.

+mojan. on Friday · October 27 2006

Charlie is definitely into hugs. We were leaving his daycare room the other day and he gave 3 goodbye hugs to another girl. She finally had to push him away, at which point I gave him the first official "no means no" talk.

kegz on Friday · October 27 2006

That's hilarious, Jason. Just wait until he's a teenager. Ha.

+mojan. on Monday · October 30 2006
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