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Door County Dew
September 28
Charlie and I ventured to the Kohl Children's Museum yesterday and had a blast. It was like a kid size town in an indoor setting complete with a Dominick's, a Potbelly's, a doll daycare and a pet vet plus much more. Charlie was interested in most of it, though there was so much to see we didn't see nearly all of it. His favorites were creating bubbles by pushing a button, the fake fruit at the grocery, and a peg table where he would big peg towers and then knock them down with an "Oh no!".

Door County Dew

You think with all the time I spend in Glenview I would have taken the kids to Kohl by now, but I haven't. Also, it is an award winning example of sustainable design. It's kind of shameful that we've never been there. Sounds like fun! I will definitely take them soon. Have you been to Wagner Farm? That's where Ella always wants to go. We usually visit the animals and this week we got some pumpkins there. They have a fun event on 10/21 with hayrides, corn picking, etc. Just another idea for your adventures with the little man!

Lisa on Friday · September 29 2006

stacy have you ever heard of musical magic or fantasy kingdom?? I'd love to take charlie there and give you and jay a break or we can go together...
let me know and we can plan a day :)

Kristin on Saturday · September 30 2006

I haven't heard of those, Kristin. It sounds like something Charlie would like for sure. Let's definitely plan a day to go!

stacy on Monday · October 02 2006
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