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Yellow wildflowers in Door County
September 19
I love the fall. There is something cozy about putting on a warm sweater because of a chill in the air. I think fall would be my favorite season if winter wasn't right around the corner. I am not ready to stop frolicking in yellow wildflower fields for the year.

Yellow wildflowers in Door County

I hadn't realized that you were a frolicker, Stacy! ;)

tori on Tuesday · September 19 2006

Fall is definitely my favorite season, and therefore the best season (just kidding). I love the fact that you can still do outdoorsy things in fall, but not have the oppressive humidity of summer to deal with. This picture is beautiful.

Lisa on Wednesday · September 20 2006

I gotta admit, fall here in Holland is really amazing. Maybe I just got lucky this year, but I hope not.

alexis on Thursday · September 21 2006
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