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Charlie hanging out at the lakefront
September 6
I am so behind on posting pictures I have taken last month! It is hard to know where to start. Recently we:
  • Visited the Cardinals in northern Wisconsin
  • Had a visit from Uncle Brad and Aunt MJ
  • BBQed like mad!
  • Went to Colorado to visit Grandma
  • Went to the zoo
  • Went to Kenosha!
And....we are heading to Door County next week. It has been a ton of fun, but I need to get my act together and share them with you. This was when we grabbed some Subway and picnicked on the lake when Brad & MJ were in town.

Charlie hanging out at the lakefront

hey- did u guys still want to pick up that baby backpack thing?

stef on Thursday · September 07 2006

I just picked it up today, Stef. Thanks!

stacy on Thursday · September 07 2006
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