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Charlie playing in The Crown Fountain
August 23
My brother Brad and his wife, MJ were visiting over the weekend. On Monday, we headed downtown and did a architecture walking tour and visited Millennium Park. Charlie could have played in the fountain all day. He was splashed by bigger kids not paying attention and thought it was hilarious. He fell a couple of times in the fountain and didn't mind at all. I think he would have been there all day if we were up for it. We miss you Brad and MJ!

Charlie playing in The Crown Fountain

I think this is one of the most amazing pics you've ever posted Stace.
Now I am really dying to take Yelena there...

stef on Wednesday · August 23 2006

Yeah, I don't know if I've ever seen Charlie have more fun. At first, I thought the bean was the neatest thing in the park, but watching kids play in these fountains is my new favorite.

kegz on Wednesday · August 23 2006

Thanks, Stef! It was really fun watching Charlie laugh and play in the water. He was so into it, I didn't think he would ever want to leave.

stacy on Wednesday · August 23 2006

Totally, J -- I love watching kids play in the fountain.

+mojan. on Wednesday · August 23 2006
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