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June 26
When I got hungry for a snack on Sunday, I headed out back to pick a few raspberries. Yummy.


Fresh berries... mmm...

+mojan. on Monday · June 26 2006

What a beautiful picture! I think this would look great framed and hanging on a wall somewhere - maybe in the kitchen. You could even do a series of berry photos with different colors (blueberries, blackberries, etc) and hang them up together.

Lisa on Monday · June 26 2006

That's a great idea, Lisa!

stacy on Tuesday · June 27 2006

mmm. mine aren't even close to ripe yet durnit.

stef on Tuesday · June 27 2006

Marieke knows where ours grow and heads over there every time we go outside.

Anneke on Wednesday · June 28 2006
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