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My little beach bum
June 16
Charlie decided to let go of the coffee table and head to the couch on his own Saturday night. After that first burst of walking bravery, he has been going strong. Before he lets go of his support, he moves his feet to the optimal balanced position and then he takes off with his arms over his head and sound effects until he reaches his destination. When he gets there successfully, he is very proud of himself and will clap with glee. My back will appreciate this update, though my legs may get tired trying to keep up with him.

My little beach bum

how exciting! he is growing up so fast.....

tori on Friday · June 16 2006

I don't know if his hair is longer or what, but I swear he looks different than when I saw him just a few weeks ago. He's getting cuter every day!

Lisa on Saturday · June 17 2006

His hair is SO LONG. I can't wait to see him running around!

stef on Monday · June 19 2006

Those big blue eyes kill me!

+mojan. on Tuesday · June 20 2006

Good heavens, is he ever gorgeous!

sue on Wednesday · July 05 2006
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