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Charlie's first time at the beach (almost)
May 30
Charlie had a Memorial Day weekend full of firsts. We took him to the Cubs game on Sunday with Grandpa and Grandma who were visiting from California. It was his first El ride and his first day at the ballpark and he was terrific. He wasn't really into the game, but he loved people watching and only fell asleep through one inning. When we got home, we took a walk to the beach and he went wading (a little too far before I had my shoes off as you can see from this picture). He loved the water and sand (and didn't eat it!) and I bet we will go back many times this summer.

Charlie's first time at the beach (almost)

sounds like an idyllic weekend with charlie and family.

tori on Tuesday · May 30 2006

It was very nice! I hope you also had a nice weekend, Tori.

stacy on Tuesday · May 30 2006

You could sell this to the Lake MI tourist board. It looks so idyllic!

alexis on Thursday · June 01 2006
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