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Mom and Charlie in the Colorado sun
May 24
Sometimes my brain (blame it on the brain) gets tired. I don't know if it is overload, just a little lethargic, or just fighting off a virus that has hung around our house for the last week. I am sitting here with a blank screen trying to puts words together for a post (ok, there are some words now). I think more energy is in the near future with warmer weather on the horizon and a three day weekend. So until next time, here is me and the little bear in my Mom's driveway in Colorado Springs.

Mom and Charlie in the Colorado sun

Hello there!

Sorry for my Englisch, its all I know from school, and that's a long time ago!

I have seen your beautiful foto's of Scotland, I love it!

Thanks for sharing!

Greetings from Holland!

Yvonne Vaudelle

Yvonne Vaudelle on Thursday · May 25 2006

Thanks, Yvonne! Your English is certainly better than my Dutch would be. :)

stacy on Tuesday · May 30 2006
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