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May 16
Our trip to Colorado was a blast once we arrived. Our flight to the Springs was cancelled after being delayed multiple times. We ended up on a delayed flight to Denver and rented a car to drive south. Eight hours after our original arrival time we were there. Our baggage wasn't (except for Charlie's car seat), but we got it the next day. Charlie was good on the plane both ways, charming the flight attendants with his smile. We just kept feeding him on the way there (he was fidgety after being at the airport for over 5 hours) and he read his books on the way home. I think both Jason and I aren't as nervous about flying with him now. A short, but very enjoyable trip!


Great eyes on this picture. And my gosh that blonde hair!

I think 1 year is a good time to travel with kids. They are pretty easy to distract and they don't have a lot of phobias yet. The more they get a will of their own, and the more they develop an awareness of what is going on, it becomes more challenging. I'm sure it will become easier eventually, but I will not get on a plane again for at least a year - and by then Jonas will be nearing peak badness. Maybe if you guys travel a lot, planes won't even phase Charlie.

Lisa on Wednesday · May 17 2006
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