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Charlie in the mirror
May 10
We are heading out to Colorado this weekend for a friend's wedding. Which means a plane ride. With Charlie. Scary. I am hoping he will be entertained by all the passengers and the arsenal of entertainment I plan to bring, but I haven't seen him sit still for that long since he could move on his own. Wish us luck!

Charlie in the mirror

Where is the sound-proof, air-permeable Baby Bubble (tm) when you need it? If this plane ride is any better than absolutely brutal, I'll be thrilled.

kegz on Wednesday · May 10 2006

Did Dan tell you about our plane ride home from South Carolina? Let's just say we were about thirty seconds from saying "Let's get off the plane." Luckily, after take off we were ok. Hope yours goes better. Bring books or if you have a portable CD player, I would recommend that.

Regardless, have a good time, and Happy Mother's Day to Stacy.

Lisa on Thursday · May 11 2006

My fingers are crossed for you!

stef on Thursday · May 11 2006

maybe you can apologize to all the other passengers in advance? That way at least you avoid building up bad karma from all the evil glances coming from those sitting around you.

alexis on Friday · May 12 2006

Our flight to Colo Springs was cancelled after we got to the airport. We switched to a Denver flight that took off 5 hours later than our original schedule. Our bags were lost en route. Oddly enough, the one piece of baggage that made it was Charlie's checked car seat. We rented a car to drive to Colo Springs and got to Stacy's mom's house about 8 hours later than we planned and we're still waiting on our bags here Friday morning.

I guess Charlie likes a good adventure, because he behaved really well and made friends with the people around us. We brought lots of food and just kept feeding the tummy.

kegz on Friday · May 12 2006

You guys don't have much luck travelling to Colo Spgs, do you?

Glad to hear you finally made it.

Brad on Friday · May 12 2006

Yuck! Five hours in the airport. I think I would've left and come back.

Hopefully the weather is better there than it is here. I like cool weather, but the clouds are starting to get to me.

Lisa on Sunday · May 14 2006

We strolled around the airport. Charlie took a nap for a couple of the hours. It was way better than the long delay we had when in Miami when we came back from Curacao in September.

The weather was fantastic. I was ready to call off the trip if we couldn't get a flight to Denver or Colo Springs sometime Thursday evening, but I'm really glad we got to go.

The flight home was a breeze. I'm officially not scared to fly with Charlie again, which definitely means he'll make me pay for saying that next time we go somewhere.

kegz on Sunday · May 14 2006
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