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Teddy Puff snack
April 19
Charlie had his first swimming lesson yesterday. At first he wasn't at all sure he was digging it. He was tense and wouldn't stretch out his legs. Then the instructors brought out some bath toys to get the kids to move towards them. Once Charlie had that rubber duckie in his hand he started having fun. By the end of the lesson, he would slide off the side of the pool where he was sitting to come to me. He was laughing and having a great time. Now I just need to figure out the best way to get us both dry, not damp, when it is all over.

Teddy Puff snack

Oh how cool! where are you taking them?

stef on Thursday · April 20 2006

at the Y

kegz on Thursday · April 20 2006

oooh how fun!
maybe auntie krissy can teach him the butterfly when he gets older :) but i promise not to make him wear speedos as the poor boys onmy norridge swim team had to!

kristin on Friday · April 21 2006

He has the cutest little swim trunks. I will get some pictures at next week's lesson. (My hands were full this time around.)

stacy on Friday · April 21 2006
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