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Momma and Charlie at the park
April 10
Maybe now that the weather is turning warmer, we can finally rid our house of all those pesky germs that have caused the entire family to come up with creative new ways to breathe. Believe me, a baby with a runny nose isn't a pretty sight when the nose has been unattended overnight. Thankfully, we are all improving.

Momma and Charlie at the park

I hope we'll all be spared the pictures of the unattended nose.

kegz on Monday · April 10 2006

But he's got such a tiny nose... what's the worse that could possibly happen?? ;-)

Brad on Tuesday · April 11 2006

Maybe Stace can send you some pictures via email to initiate you.

kegz on Tuesday · April 11 2006

this picture is adorable. I can hardly believe it, but it looks like Chicago is warmer than Amsterdam is. Wah!!

alexis on Wednesday · April 12 2006

This picture is so magazine-worthy. I could totally see it accompanying an article about being a new mom...!

+mojan. on Thursday · April 13 2006

Thanks! I think this is one of my favorites of Charlie and I.

stacy on Friday · April 14 2006
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