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Happy 11 months, Charlie!
March 27
Charlie is 11 months today. Recently he has been:
  • Pulling up on furniture and us (mostly us!)
  • Walking around the house holding on to my or dad's thumbs (he really moves when he is barefoot)
  • Clapping whenever I do (or when he has done something he is especially proud of)
  • Moving around without help by a complicated rolling/sitting up sequence
  • Sitting up in his crib and playing in the morning until he decides he wants breakfast
  • Taking his toy balls out of the fishbowl, putting them in his boxes, taking them out of the boxes and then throwing them behind his head
  • Playing ball with dad (it would work out better is dad sat behind Charlie because Charlie ends up tossing the ball behind him when he gets too excited)

Happy 11 months, Charlie!

Wow! 11 Months! Next month do get to have a big bash?

Could he BE any cuter?

tori on Monday · March 27 2006

I switched the picture to a vertical one because I wrote too much. I never write this much! I will post my original one tomorrow. :)

stacy on Monday · March 27 2006

I know! I literally thought Jason had posted the comment for a second there.

tori on Monday · March 27 2006

You should put Charlie in a Wiggleworms class at Old Town. Based on what he's doing now, I bet he'd love it. We just put Ella in one this session and she can't wait to go to class every Sunday. I have to warn you though, the cuteness of that many little kids all singing and dancing and playing instruments at the same time is a little overwhelming!

Lisa on Monday · March 27 2006
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