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Grandma's Boy
March 24
This morning Charlie had a one track mind. Breakfast first, and then walking. He complained about the diaper change, getting his clothes on, and mommy brushing her teeth. "No kisses now! I am going to walk down the hall to visit the kitty." Pixie and Rusty (the kitties) are probably going to shed a few pounds when he can come after them faster.

Grandma's Boy

Wait a minute, he's walking? Without help?

That came really quickly! I don't even recall him pulling himself up on furniture. Come to think of it, did he crawl? Wow! And he's not even one year yet! Watch out!

Lisa on Friday · March 24 2006

Oh, no no. He has a lot of help. He is just wanted to hold on to our hands and move his feet. Don't think he is too close to doing it on his own yet. He is fairly steady on his feet holding onto something, but when he moves he is pretty unbalanced.

He hasn't crawled but he has come really, really close. He gets all ready...starts moving his legs...and then plop - down on his tummy. I just lowered his crib all the way because he is starting to pull up on things now.

stacy on Friday · March 24 2006

It was very exciting to witness these early, straight-legged steps. It is really amazing how each child develops totally differently....

stef on Monday · March 27 2006

I swear this is the most gorgeous boy ever.

sue on Tuesday · April 11 2006

Thanks, Sue! I think so, too. :)

stacy on Friday · April 14 2006
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