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Fun with doors
March 13
Last night was the craziest thunderstorm I have seen since the days when I spent Augusts in Georgia. I remember trying to fall asleep on the sleeper sofa in my grandparents' living room while lightning would flash so bright I could read a book by the light. The storm last night woke me up out of a sound sleep. I was expecting a crying baby (well, a startled baby), but no, Charlie never made a peep.

Fun with doors

Thanks again, Dan & Lisa for lending us the monstro toy thing here. Charlie really digs it.

kegz on Monday · March 13 2006

He looks mighty happy with his toy. Hope it keeps him busy!

By the way, love the stripy outfit. Jonas has the same one.

Lisa on Monday · March 13 2006

We like to keep him in the horizontal stripes because they make his butt look bigger. And that's the look we're going for. ;)

kegz on Monday · March 13 2006
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