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Duckie tub
February 23
Charlie is getting a lot more baths since we purchased the duckie tub. He loves splashing around with his rubber duckies and it is easy for us to fill it up. We have a sweet smelling baby nearly every day (it also helps that he doesn't spit up all over himself anymore!).

Duckie tub

I love the duckie tub.

kegz on Thursday · February 23 2006

Wow! Duckie tub looks awesome! I want one! :-)

Brad on Thursday · February 23 2006

We have the same tub and Ella loved it as well. She used to love making the beak quack. I showed her this picture and she said, "Want to take bath in duckie tub!" Sadly, she is too big for it.

Lisa on Thursday · February 23 2006

Ok, I keep having to come back here because Ella keeps saying, "Want to see Charlie again."

Lisa on Thursday · February 23 2006

this picture is perfect.

tori on Thursday · February 23 2006

WOW, look at those eyes.

+mojan. on Sunday · February 26 2006
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