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Fun with donuts
February 7
Poor Charlie has been congested for the last couple of weeks. He is taking medicine, but it hasn't knocked it out of his system yet. I have been creative in ways to wipe his nose because he will turn his head around 360 degrees to avoid it. What doesn't work: napkins. He hates napkins in any form - well, except to eat them. Medium success: burpy cloths. They have moved from cleaning up spit to cleaning up boogers. The best: wet washcloths, preferably warm. Charlie sticks out his tongue to try and taste them while the nose wiping is going on. After a big sneeze: whatever I can get my hands on the quickest before little hands spread it all over everything within a 3 foot radius.

Fun with donuts

So cute!! He looks so much older in this picture!! One of these days I have to get together with you to hang out with the little guy!!!... oh and I am glad that the highchair is working out...I had some good times in that chair!!!

Danielle on Tuesday · February 07 2006

wow- he looks so different in this picture! More filled out? I see that fishbowl in the background...hope he enjoys it as much as he did at our house. I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

stef on Wednesday · February 08 2006

Doesn't it break your heart when they are congested? Ella had something similar from Christmas through mid January - just congestion and low grade crapiness. It went on so long that I thought perhaps it was an infection, but the antibiotics did nothing (great!). I just wished she would blow her nose, but she still runs away from tissues. The only time she really got junk out was right after her vapor bath. That stuff is great!

Lisa on Wednesday · February 08 2006

Stef - Charlie does love his fishbowl. Everything goes in it - blocks, donuts, balls - whatever fits! Look forward to seeing you guys!

Lisa - Charlie's antibiotics didn't really do anything either. He was somewhat better this morning. Poor kids had red cheeks and chin though - I don't know how. Maybe he slept in some spit and it chapped him? What exactly is a vapor bath?

stacy on Friday · February 10 2006
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