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What's for dinner?
February 1
Charlie is digging his high chair (thanks Aunt Danielle!). Last Friday he figured out how to feed himself cereal. Sometime his whole fist goes in his mouth to make sure the Cheerio gets in there, but he is usually successful. I just need to train the cats to like cereal so they can finish up the pieces that miss and hit the floor.

What's for dinner?

LOL - cereal is the only thing that Simone likes besides her own food. I'd let you borrow her for a few years but she'd probably cause more trouble than she's worth. ;)

tori on Thursday · February 02 2006

Yay! Marieke likes to hold the O (in a weird vertical way, like if you looked at her profile you would see an O) so that she can bite it in half before she eats it. She likes the crunch. Oh, and you should just leave the Cheerios on the floor. That way Charlie will have something to eat off the foor besides pet hair.

Anneke on Friday · February 03 2006

Charlie crunches his cereal sometimes with those two little bottom teeth. I don't know if he does it on purpose but it is very cute. I shudder to think of how much cat hair he has eaten already in his lifetime.

That is awesome that Simone likes cereal, Tori. Pixie and Rusty smell it, but that's it. Of course, these are the cats who I have to persuade to have a little milk or meat (other than the nasty wet catfood). Except for yogurt - Rusty loves yogurt.

stacy on Friday · February 03 2006

Oh yeah! She'll eat yogurt and ice cream too.
But that's it. No meat, no soft cat food.
Just cereal and yogurt and ice cream.
And Pirate's Booty.

I hope I have somebody to inherit/buy not-quite-new baby stuff from some day. Makes so much more sense than buying all the stuff new and then giving it away a few years later.

tori on Tuesday · February 07 2006
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