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Sitting up
December 9
Charlie is learning to ham it up for the camera. Last night I wanted to take some pictures of him concentrating intently over his toy, but when the camera came out he looked at me and promptly opened his mouth for a tongue-y smile. I had to pretend I was interested in something else to get the picture I wanted. Now he just needs a few more teeth.

Sitting up

This is such a cute picture...add this to the list of pictures for my mom! Can't wait to see him!!!

Danielle on Friday · December 09 2005

His expression is so adorable -- since he's obviously aware of the camera, he seems like a REAL person, you know?

+mojan. on Sunday · December 11 2005

I swear- he gets cuter every day!

stef on Monday · December 12 2005

I know what you mean, Mojan. He is really starting to act more like a little boy. He is still a baby most of the time, but his personality is definitely started to shine through. I (biased, of course) think he is getting especially adorable with more hair.

stacy on Monday · December 12 2005
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