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Thanksgiving Boy
December 6
Charlie's first tooth started to pop out yesterday - his lower left central incisor. I had my first dentist appointment in a year today ("dentist" is a scary word when you are pregnant) and they gave me a little toothbrush for him. I think at this stage it is mostly so they get used to you messing around in their mouth with brush-ended sticks. It is exciting that soon Charlie will enter the world of food where not everything is a pureed foam. Cheerios!

Thanksgiving Boy

Yay! Ella didn't get her first tooth until after her first birthday. I was afraid she didn't have teeth for a while there.

Also, having undergone a root canal during the height of my morning sickness with Jonas, I can attest that dentist is a terrifying word when you are pregnant.

Lisa on Tuesday · December 06 2005

I take it you know it was his "lower left central incisor" by talking to your dentist...

Jason on Tuesday · December 06 2005

You don't need teeth for cheerios- they gum em

stef on Wednesday · December 07 2005

Charlie hasn't been too interested in Cheerios yet. I figured that would change if he had teeth for some reason. Funny, the associations you have in yor head sometimes.

stacy on Wednesday · December 07 2005

Just don't let him lose his temper with Cheerios around. He doesn't have a sister around yet to help him pick them all up without letting the parents know. :-D

Brad on Thursday · December 08 2005
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