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October walk in the forest preserve
October 28
Charlie is 6 months! It is hard to believe how much he has changed. The things I cherish most:
  • His uncontrollable laughter when dad plays air guitar or mom dances for him
  • Charlie grabbing the washcloth from mom during bath time to chew on it
  • When he looks at me with wonder when he has rolled over on his own
  • Grabbing my nose when he is done eating his breakfast
  • Smiling when I enter the room
Everything is fun when Charlie is having a good time.

October walk in the forest preserve

Happy six months, little guy!!!!
Holy cow.

tori on Friday · October 28 2005

Mmm, I am enjoying this awesome fall weather and it looks like you guys are too! What a wonderful age six months is. Enjoy it.

Lisa on Sunday · October 30 2005
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