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Avocado without banana...ewwww
October 14
Charlie likes most food. Give him almost anything and he is waiting with his mouth open and his tongue out. Carrots, peas, sweet potato, pears, banana, cereal, apples. However, he does have an aversion to plain avocado. If I mix it with banana, no problem. On its own, you get this face.

Avocado without banana...ewwww

If you make that avocado into guacomole, you'll turn that frown upside down. :-) At least that's what happens to me anyway.

Brad on Friday · October 14 2005

That's the same face I make when I scrape the spoon along the bottom of Brad's dishes and bowls and that grating sound happens. aaauuhhhhh.

kegz on Friday · October 14 2005

Me too, Brad. Yummmmm.

Stacy on Saturday · October 15 2005

that picture is hi-larious!

stef on Tuesday · October 18 2005

Marieke is not a fan of either avocados or edamame. Mangoes, though, and peas, yummy.

Anneke on Tuesday · October 18 2005

Charlie is also a big fan of peas. Maybe we will make mangoes his next fruit. He really likes papaya.

stacy on Wednesday · October 19 2005
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