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Charlie will eventually grow into this chair
September 14
As I post this, Charlie is attempting to roll over in his crib. He can roll over from back to front now. We are working on tummy time, but he isn't much of a fan. Once he succeeds in rolling over, he starts squeeling instantly. Ah, he must have done it!

Charlie will eventually grow into this chair

He's already so much bigger in that chair!!
And rolling over, how fun!

tori on Wednesday · September 14 2005

What a little monkey he is! I can't believe he can already roll from back to front. That is much harder than the reverse. Can he sit on his own? Usually once they have the head and neck strength to roll, sitting up is not far behind.

Lisa on Wednesday · September 14 2005

He just rolled over from front to back today. He doesn't do it much, but I have witnessed it both ways now. He isn't really that close to sitting up (who really knows?) because he seems fairly off balance. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes sooner than I think though.

Stacy on Thursday · September 15 2005
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