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Charlie's first carrots
September 12
Charlie has taken to solids much better than it seems in this picture. He has had carrots the last 5 days and opens his mouth for the spoon. This picture is of the first attempt; the initial look on his face was great. What in the world is this, mommy?

Charlie's first carrots

Happy Belated Birthday!
Sorry we missed out on the cake.
It's only been a few weeks since I saw Charles and he already looks so different.
Congrats on the solids- are you making them yourself?

stef on Tuesday · September 13 2005

We didn't end up having cake, but we did have ice cream! And a relaxing picnic the next day at Gilson Park in Wilmette.

So far, we're making the baby food. We froze the first batch in portions in ziploc bags, but we'll probably pour the mush into ice cube trays for freezing next time.

Jason on Tuesday · September 13 2005

Thanks, Stef!

Yep, we are making our baby food. We have just made carrots so far. The VitaMix does an excellent job - very smooth.

Stacy on Tuesday · September 13 2005

how exciting!

stef on Tuesday · September 13 2005
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