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Curacao beach
August 23
A day after coming back from Curacao, we unpacked, did laundry and bought a house. We weren't planning on the last point, but our realtor said we had to see this place because it was perfect for us. It was! We are very excited (although a bit nervous by how fast it all happened). We put our condo on the market this weekend, so Charlie and I are constantly trying not to make a mess. Charlie has spit on the floor a few times, but other than that has cooperated nicely. Our place hasn't been so clean since we moved in four years ago. Hopefully, we get some nibbles soon so we can get back to our messy - ehum - "lived in" lifestyle.

Curacao beach

that beach looks absolutely stunning. how goeth the condo selling?

stef on Thursday · August 25 2005

We've had 3 or 4 showings so far. Another today and another on Saturday. Then we're having an open house on Sunday.

I hope this "put something back in its hidden place after you're done with it" isn't catchy. I've never lived this clutter-free before.

kegz on Thursday · August 25 2005
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