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Closet Independence Day
July 4
We spent the 4th of July emptying closets; one of us played baby entertainer/fashion judge while the other dug through and relived 10 years of clothes. Jason and I shopped on Michigan Avenue yesterday, which meant we needed to make room for new summer things. Six Hefty bags of college flannels and now-unnecessary business casual are sitting in our living room. I didn't come home with six Hefty bags of new clothes, so now there is plenty of room for next time. Jason found a new friend in H&M and ended the day with 5 times as much as I did; not quite what I was expecting when he asked me to go shopping while Charlie was at Grandma's house.

Closet Independence Day

AHh the two most important boys in my life (and favorite too :)
such a darling picture...
Jay- you like that store- H&M?? they've got some good stuff- there isn't one here near me but I've been there before the last time I was in Chicago....
10 days!!

Kristin on Tuesday · July 05 2005

I thought it was a great place to get summer shorts and shirts. Seemed like a hipper Old Navy in that everything costs like $12-$25 -- makes buying a bunch of summer things easy on the wallet.

Jason on Tuesday · July 05 2005

Now that is my kind of way to spend a holiday!

+mojan. on Tuesday · July 05 2005

So i guess you DID go shopping. So glad the experience was fruitful- at least for one of you!

stef on Tuesday · July 05 2005

Good for you guys. We intended to clean out our big closet this weekend, but in typical Rappel fashion, ended up avoiding work entirely. The weather was so enticing!

By the way, I think this is the best picture I have seen of Jason and Charlie together. It's such a sweet and tender moment, it almost brings tears to my eyes.

Lisa on Tuesday · July 05 2005

I love this picture of Jason and Charlie, Lisa. The lighting outside was perfect and they are so cute.

Shopping was fun - I am in the mood to do more!

stacy on Tuesday · July 05 2005

My "Lil Charlie" is getting cuter every day. I love him so much. I can't wait to see him. And, of course, the two of you.

Aunt Di on Tuesday · July 05 2005

This *IS* a great picture, Stacy.
I'm a little sad that I didn't get to play with the closet game (we'd talked about it a few weeks ago) but glad you guys did it together. How cathartic! How many pairs of shoes are left?

tori on Friday · July 08 2005

I didn't do shoes, Tori. Or go through clothes that were in my dresser. There still is more for the closet game if you are still interested!

Stacy on Friday · July 08 2005
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