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Tummy Time
June 29
Charlie has been a doll the last few days, so I think he is feeling better. We went to get his 2 month shots on Monday. That experience was probably harder on me than on him. He made it through just fine and we have had a lot of play time since. Here he is on his new activity mat.

Tummy Time

Glad to hear that he is feeling better. :-)

Brad on Wednesday · June 29 2005

I can't wait to eat him up!! he's more and more adorabe every day...I'll be home in 15 days :) Just in time to see some smiles and his lil' personality...

Kristin on Wednesday · June 29 2005

We have to stop ourselves from eating him up - it is hard to resist. Can't wait to see you both - aunt Kristin and uncle Brad!

stacy on Wednesday · June 29 2005

what a great shot. he certainly looks a lot happier! hooray for charles!

stef on Wednesday · June 29 2005

so cute!!!! love the smile.

kristin, looking forward to seeing you!

kelly on Thursday · June 30 2005

Wow - it is surprising that he was in such good spirits after having his shots. No fever? No lethargy? That's amazing! All I can say is I'm glad Ella is done until she's four.

Lisa on Thursday · June 30 2005

He had a fever monday night and tuesday morning, but his temp came back down tuesday afternoon and he's been pretty calm the last few days except when he's hungry. It's a welcome change.

Jason on Thursday · June 30 2005
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