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Pensive Charlie
June 17
Quick! Must post before the baby wakes up!

Charlie is now a 7 weeks. I was looking back at the pictures of him right after he was born and was amazed at how much he has grown. The changes sneak up on you when you see him every day. We are anxiously awaiting the first smile. There were a couple of kinda-sorta smiles, but we haven't seen the first big grin. I can't wait!

Pensive Charlie

The way the picture is taken- it almost looks as if he's leaning on his hand contemplating life and its' many wonders! when in actuality- he's half asleep!!!! ahhh i can't wait any longer to see my lil' Charlos- 26 days Charlie-I'll be there to visit-be patient :) (Can you tell i'm a bit anxious?)

Kristin on Saturday · June 18 2005
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