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Charlie and the bunny
June 8
Charlie has had trouble with reflux which makes him an unhappy camper. As you may have read on Jason's site, there are days where he is either crying, eating, or sleeping (barely) - nothing else. The last few days have been better. Keeping him upright leads to times where he is awake and happy, which makes mom and dad EXTREMELY happy. Happy six weeks, Charlie!

Charlie and the bunny

Happy six weeks!!!!

tori on Wednesday · June 08 2005

Happy six weeks! It looks like Charlie and the demonic bunny are getting along better now. :)

Brad on Wednesday · June 08 2005

I like the expression on his face in this picture. He looks very introspective.

Hang in there, you guys. I predict that by Charlie's first birthday, if not sooner, he will be happy as a clam eating all kinds of foods that you never even imagined. Won't it be nice when all this reflux is a distant memory?

Lisa on Wednesday · June 08 2005

It will be nice, but a year is way too far away to be comforting at this point. I'm just looking forward to this saturday when my mom is going to watch him for 8 hours. Thank you mom!

Jason on Thursday · June 09 2005

Oh dear. Obviously, he's still judging just how much trouble you guys can handle.

Marie on Friday · June 10 2005
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