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Charlie in a quiet moment
June 6
Quiet moments are rare in our house these days. I am posting this picture so that I remember that there are some once in a while. Charlie is currently in the Bjorn with dad, so I am able to post this. Whew, what a week.

Charlie in a quiet moment

It's me...Gram K. Eugene and I watched you yesterday so Mommy and Daddy could go out and get a little break. You were just a little angel and this picture proves it but then again I'm not there at 3A.M.

gramk on Monday · June 06 2005

Grandmas are always so biased. I know I'm glad mine was. :)

Jason on Monday · June 06 2005

Looks sooo peaceful. Calm between storms.

Grandpa Roger on Monday · June 06 2005

We had a few minutes of quiet on Saturday night! It was so much fun to hang out, even when it wasn't so quiet. (Of course, we don't have to do it at 3 AM, as Grandpa Roger pointed out.)

tori on Tuesday · June 07 2005
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