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This water isn't so bad
May 26
I got quite a scare last night when Stacy said she had a small fever. Last time Stace was sick was last summer, in bed for a week, and everything in the house took a noticeable dive under my sole care. Add full-time charge of Charles to that and I'd be in way, way over my head. She took a couple Tylenol and is getting some good rest this morning. Fever gone. Phew.

We'll save the truly embarrassing shots of Charlie's bath for private. He doesn't seem to mind the water much at all. He felt comfortable enough in this tub to poop right in the bath water.

This water isn't so bad

Thanks for the details, Dooce...


Can't wait to see you guys soon!!!

tori on Thursday · May 26 2005

I dare anyone who has a baby to not increase their usage of the word "poop" by 5000%. It cannot be done.

Jason on Thursday · May 26 2005
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