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Charlie checking out the fish on his swing
May 25
I have a rare moment of baby sleeping and mom not so tired she needs to join him. He fell asleep while we were dancing to Devin Davis's rocking song Turtle and the Flightless Bird and I had some time to do laundry, make a salad for dinner and post this entry. Charlie loves his swing. In this picture, he is checking out the fish that is swinging along side him.

Charlie checking out the fish on his swing

Are his eyes turning dark?? can't tell in the pics! ooooh i can't wait to see him- counting down the days!!

Kristin on Friday · May 27 2005

His eyes are pretty dark blue, but I think what you're seeing here is more because of the camera. They aren't as dark as it looks here.

Jason on Friday · May 27 2005
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