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Mom and Mr. C
May 17
The trick today is getting Charlie into this sleepy mode so I can take a shower before dinner. One thing for sure, the Baby Bjorn rocks. If all else fails, I can carry Charlie around with me and he has a guaranteed nap. Unfortunately, I can't take a shower or dress myself during the Bjorn-time, but I may venture outside dirty and in my pajamas anyway.

Mom and Mr. C

Cute picture! :-)

What's a Baby Bjorn?

Brad on Wednesday · May 18 2005

It's the carrier that looks like a baby-backpack on your chest. Let's you keep both hands free while you carry the baby around.

Jason on Wednesday · May 18 2005

Baby Bjorn FER SURE.
Does Jay get to wear it too?

tori on Wednesday · May 18 2005

I could if I want, but I haven't yet because (1) have to readjust the straps each time we would switch and (2) it's more for Stace to use in the morning around the house while I'm working at the desk.

I prefer the football style hold or having him upright on my chest while rubbing the burps out of his back.

Jason on Wednesday · May 18 2005

Good for you for figuring out the Bjorn - I never was able to. In fact, I think I almost smothered Ella the one time I tried to use it.

And being able to take a shower is a luxury. I can't tell you how many times I have barely been able to rinse the shampoo out of my hair. It's just a fact of life I've come to accept.

Lisa on Wednesday · May 18 2005

i really love reading everyone's comments. it's still hard enough accepting that i am really a grandma(which iabsolutely love by the way) let alone trying to remember all these actual events of parenthood. I wont share my 'mistakes' or Jason's friends will question how he ever reached adulthood. Three weeks already and you are both doing great. Who needs a shower anyway?

gramk on Thursday · May 19 2005
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