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Charlie's Billy Idol Impression
May 9
Charlie has many sweet facial expressions, but his Billy Idol impression is my favorite. I can't make this face no matter how hard I try. He gets it from his dad.

Charlie's Billy Idol Impression

ROFL! He must get it from Jason.

I miss seeing Charlie already. I'm finally almost over this cold, but guess what? I was pick-pocketed last night as I exited the El. Bye-bye wallet, credit cards, cash... oh, and four-month-old 20 MB iPod.

tori on Tuesday · May 10 2005

Tori, that really sucks. I'm so sorry you lost all your stuff and the hassle you have to go through to get everything right again.

Jason on Tuesday · May 10 2005

Thanks, Jay. Ryan keeps telling me that it's just money and he's glad I'm safe, but I feel like a chump for not realizing what was happening at the time (I thought the guy was just bumping into me on the stairs) and I feel a little violated. It's weird. But, I have my new license already; the DMV at the Thompson center is actually a convenient stop for me with my fancy loop job.

tori on Tuesday · May 10 2005

Wow, I am really sorry about that Tori. That totally stinks. Reminds me of how I felt when my car was stolen in NYC. I am really glad you are safe - Ryan is right, that is the important thing!

Glad you are feeling better! Charlie can't wait to see you again, too. :)

stacy on Tuesday · May 10 2005
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