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Charles Coming Home
May 4
It is hard to believe Charlie has only been in our lives a week. There is so much that has happened since April 27th, I don't know where to start. I could never have imagined the joy of the moment he was placed on my stomach in the first minutes of his life. Jason and I are so excited to have him home and getting into the swing of being parents. This picture was in the hospital as we were getting ready to bring him home. Happy 1 week, Charlie!

Charles Coming Home

Chaz smooth, lookin good!

schrags on Wednesday · May 04 2005

Happy 1 week, Charlie! Only 863 more weeks and you'll be driving that car with a backseat full of ladies. :-)

Brad on Wednesday · May 04 2005

and probably less than 416 weeks before you can do math better than Uncle Brad. (and figure out that there is only 52 weeks in a year... not 54)

Brad on Wednesday · May 04 2005

He's so sweet :) Stacy--great work! Over on Jason's site, you look beautiful in the after-birth pictures!! Happy motherhood, and happy belated Mother's Day!

Lacey on Monday · May 09 2005
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