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Whisker orchid
March 21
It is officially spring! Now someone needs to let Chicago know. I have some orchids getting ready to bloom, which should be fun. One has two bloom stalks coming up with flowers that will look like this picture. I am excited because I have never had an orchid with whiskers before.

Whisker orchid

Mine aren't blooming!! Sob. What do you do with orchids that are doomed to never bloom again?

tori on Tuesday · March 22 2005

One of our orchids has two blooms with a third coming, while the other is showing no signs of blooming at all. They're in the exact same location on our kitchen counter, same light, same water.... one is just more stubborn than the other.

Brad on Tuesday · March 22 2005

Maybe you can bring over your orchid this spring and we can repot it. Checking out the roots should help figure out if you are watering it the right amount. Are you fertilizing it? How much light does it get? Sometimes, they just don't feel like blooming even if they are healthy. I have some that like to go every other year for some reason.

stacy on Tuesday · March 22 2005


rezz on Friday · April 22 2005
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