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February 23
I found out this morning that the diner across the street from work is out of business. How can this be? Where am I going to go eat lunch when it is raining? Where am I going to get a turkey melt? Sherman Restaurant has been there since I can remember. With Osco being demolished, there isn't anything left from my college years on the block. This and the departure of Chicago Style (yummy cheeseburgers) makes me very sad. Now the only place to get a burger close-by is Chili's. Ouch.


When we drove through that area, it seemed like there was a lot of development going on. It surprises me that restaurants would be going away.

Brad on Wednesday · February 23 2005

No more Sherman?!?!? Noooooooo. I have so many great memories of eating dinner alone there. Ok, so they're not *great* memories, but I've eaten dozens of turkey clubs from Sherman and now no more. :(

Welcome to the new Mall of Evanston.

By the way, this picture clearly demonstrates the superiority of the D70 over the coolpix. Wow.

Jason on Wednesday · February 23 2005

It is weird how many things change around downtown Evanston. There is a lot of development and people downtown, but a lot of movement in stores and restaurants. I am guessing that Sherman decided to close rather than were forced to close. Too bad.

Jason, isn't it awful? I started off with the grilled cheese in college and moved to the turkey melt. The owner was always surprised if I was there on a Saturday. She didn't know my name, but she new my face!

stacy on Wednesday · February 23 2005

Yeah, Evanston is changing faster than your baby's diapers. Not that you have a baby yet, but... you will soon! Yay baby!

+mojan. on Monday · February 28 2005


JENNY on Saturday · April 09 2005

i dont know!!! help me out if you ever get it?

christina on Friday · April 22 2005
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