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Michigan Avenue Metra Station
February 8
It is very hard to concentrate on work when my ears are still feeling the effects of a very cold wind, the baby is doing gymnastics in my stomach, and I am thinking about getting a snack with some sugar in it. I guess it will be even harder to concentrate on anything in about 12 weeks.

Michigan Avenue Metra Station

Damn, I don't have the baby excuse, yet something about winter makes me actively seek sugary snacks too. I love this picture- it totally capture the dismal grey of winter as we head into these last few months. I love the contrast of the beautiful architecture, which we are all desperate to see against a warm, blue sky.

alexis on Friday · February 11 2005

Even photoshop couldn't lighten this picture. It does capture the greyness of winter. Though it is sunny today. :)

stacy on Friday · February 11 2005

true! Thank goodness.

alexis on Friday · February 11 2005

Hey it's nice and warm and sunny in Seattle! :) ahem... I didn't even bring a jacket to work today.

Brad on Friday · February 11 2005

I love how this looks like a Paris Metro stop.

tori on Tuesday · February 15 2005

Alexis, your excuse is better than mine, even. I don't even *crave* sugary snacks -- I just eat them because they're there. Somebody stop me!

+mojan. on Tuesday · February 15 2005

I'm showing your website to Dad, Patti and Judy... they really like it! Good work....

Brad on Sunday · February 20 2005
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