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Winter on Lake Michigan
February 3
Winter always lasts so much longer than summer. It is a little early to be getting tired of winter, but alas, I am looking forward to leaving the porch door open, using the barbecue, and not having to wear a heavy coat when I go outside. Hurry up spring!

Winter on Lake Michigan

Brrrrr.... you need to live in Seattle where it's nice and warm and sunny all the time. ;-)

Brad on Thursday · February 03 2005

Seattle? Warm and sunny all the time?? Which Seattle did I grow up in???

+mojan. on Friday · February 04 2005

I know better, Brad! I visited you in November once, so you can't fool me. :)

stacy on Friday · February 04 2005

Is that some line from the Seattle Ministry of Propaganda? Then again, both times we visited we had beautiful weather. Either we got really lucky or everyone is lying to keep others out. The traffic there is already horrific.

Jason on Friday · February 04 2005

I once heard that the rumors of Seattle weather being bad were made up by locals who didn't want so many people moving there. Kind of like Colorado and Texans in the 80s.

tori on Friday · February 04 2005

Well I always tell Stacy and Jason one thing and everyone else another... still nobody believes me.

Brad on Friday · February 04 2005
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