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Lincoln Park conservatory train
January 24
I am not sure what it has been this year, but I have taken a bit of a break from posting. I am back! This weekend we spent Saturday in our pajamas watching the snow keep falling outside. We made it to Tori's party that evening - happy birthday Tori!

Yesterday we decided to bite the bullet and register for baby things. More on that later, but you can imagine our faces when we were asked to fill out a postcard with grandparent information so the store could contact them directly. I plan on finishing online so I can avoid the madness. I am haunted by the rows and rows (and more rows!) of products that I haven't the first clue about.

Lincoln Park conservatory train

Thanks for coming out for the party!
Thanks for posting an update!
Registering. Ooooh, fun. I bet you don't need everything they say you do . . . .

tori on Tuesday · January 25 2005

A postcard with grandparent info? Right... I'm sure grandparents would love a new wave of soliciter calls.

Brad on Tuesday · January 25 2005

We did fill out the sibling cards, though. You should be receiving your book of 10% off coupons and buy one get one free baby portrait certificates any day now, Brad.

Jason on Tuesday · January 25 2005

I made sure to include your cell phone number so they can reach you for baby shopping emergencies. :)

stacy on Tuesday · January 25 2005

You gave them his work email too, right?

Jason on Tuesday · January 25 2005

Ha ha ha ha... just remember that you two will become an Aunt and Uncle one day too. >:)

My memory is not so good, but MJ's memory is outstanding! :-D

Brad on Tuesday · January 25 2005
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