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Jason and the Sequoia
December 13
As you probably know, Jason and I found out on Friday that we are having a baby boy! We really believed the baby was a boy, but it is nice to know for sure. We will also be getting him started on the right foot by hanging out with all the cute little girls among our friends: Anna, Nora, Ella, and Stef and John's baby on the way. It is really hard to believe we are over half way there.

Jason and the Sequoia

Thanks for featuring my good side in this shot.

Jason on Monday · December 13 2004

tree hugger

kelly on Tuesday · December 14 2004

I hadn't even thought about all the flirting young Floyd will be able to do!!

tori on Tuesday · December 14 2004

tree hugger, ha!

Jason on Tuesday · December 14 2004

A baby! Boy! Soon! Hooray.

+mojan. on Wednesday · December 15 2004

We need a new picture...oh yes we do.

Jason on Thursday · December 16 2004

I will see what I can do about that this afternoon. :)

stacy on Thursday · December 16 2004
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