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Looking up at the Sequoia
December 1
We had a great time touring Sequoia National Park last week when we were out in California visiting Kristin. The trees were so large they almost looked fake, like Treebeard was waiting around the corner. We also relaxed, ate a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, played X-Men, and watched some bad movies. It was a great trip. Thank you Kristin and Courtney (and Georgette, Tigger, Wrigley, and Cali) for your hospitality!

Looking up at the Sequoia

Those trees are seriously ridiculous. It's hard to believe they're really that big unless you're there.

Jason on Wednesday · December 01 2004

mostly bad movies- well before sunset was awesome and saved was good!
it was great to have you- I miss you already!

Kristin on Wednesday · December 01 2004

I forgot about those! We were 2-2. Not too bad. :)

stacy on Wednesday · December 01 2004
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