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November 5
Something about this week has sucked away my energy stores. The election? The weather? The baby? Today is sunny and Friday, so I am feeling better. We had a nice dinner with Jay and Jill last night at Room 22 (thanks for the recommendation, Stef!). It was fantastic food and a nice atmosphere. A great time!


I'm feeling better today as well. I went without the coffee this morning and that helped alot.

Great place, Stef. I thought the food was excellent.

Jason on Friday · November 05 2004

I thought I was feeling better (Acceptance is the answer to all of my problems ...) but then I just got all riled up by a snotty kid at a vendor's tech support. Must be latent election anxiety coming out.

tori on Friday · November 05 2004

Hey cool! I'm glad you guys liked it. I must give props to Kelly Hoogs for finding it and taking me.

PS. any wiggles yet stace? Or is it still too early.....

stef on Friday · November 05 2004

No, not yet. I can't wait! Maybe in the next few weeks...

stacy on Friday · November 05 2004

what are you now, 16 weeks?

stef on Friday · November 05 2004

15 weeks today!

stacy on Friday · November 05 2004

At what week number are we supposed to start acquiring baby accessories? Like clothes and those tiny booties?

Jason on Friday · November 05 2004

I think you can start with the cute baby things any time. John's Aunt sent us a little box of stuff fairly early on and it's nice to have the little outfits to look at!
We haven't purchased anything yet. I'm anticipating great christmas bounty.....

stef on Friday · November 05 2004

My observation is that the first thing you need to sort out are the essential capital purchases: car seat, stroller, crib, changing table (or whatever) and baby gates (if that's an issue).

These are things you want to put some research into because of their cost and impact on safety. You also want to make sure yout get stuff that's easy to use. You don't want a stroller that can't go in the car, for example.

Beyond that, it seems that once the relatives sense the arrival - especially the grandparents - the toys and cute outfits come fast and furious. For some families, it becomes an arms race between two sets of grandparents.

In his 15 months on this planet, my nephew has acquired enough toys to cover every square inch of their house. It's like their breeding.

Reed on Friday · November 05 2004

Hm. This lily pond could be made into a really nice textile pattern...

+mojan. on Tuesday · November 09 2004
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