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Fall in Graceland cemetery
October 27
Sunday was such a beautiful day that Jason and I decided to walk around the Graceland cemetery. We have walked by it many times on the way to Wrigley, but never have stopped inside. We saw famous Chicagoans gravesides, enjoyed the fall foliage, and had a nice walk all at once.

Fall in Graceland cemetery

Good work Stace.

schrags on Wednesday · October 27 2004

Thanks! I really liked this one.

stacy on Wednesday · October 27 2004

What a gorgeous picture. I'm so glad you liked it. Cemeteries are unexpected oasies of quiet in the city.

stef on Thursday · October 28 2004

I really like the reflection in the water. Fall can be really beautiful and peaceful sometimes.

Brad on Thursday · October 28 2004

Fabulous picture, Stace!

tori on Thursday · October 28 2004

beautiful- I always enjoy your attention to composition stacy!

alexis on Friday · October 29 2004
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