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Looking up into the Denver capitol dome
October 21
All of this exciting play-off baseball has been great, but I am very tired this week from trying to stay awake until the end. It definitely doesn't help that most games have been going into extra innings.

While Jason and I were watching the Red Sox beat up on the Yankees last night, I commented that it is nice to be rooting for a team without your stomach all tied up in knots from nervousness. Watching the Cubs in the play-offs last year could give a person an ulcer. It would be worth it to watch the Cubs go for the World Series. Until that time, I will root for the Red Sox.

Looking up into the Denver capitol dome

I was wondering if you guys had an affinity for the Red Sox, since you lived there for a while. I too, am exhausted from this week!
I was disappointed for houston, but will definitely be rooting for the Sox on Saturday.

stef on Friday · October 22 2004


I'm wondering why you list all the days of the month when you only post about 5 pictures per month. I know you're pregnant now, but that's no excuse. Pick it up with the updates, or change the format.


schrags on Monday · October 25 2004

Matt, I've tried shaming her into posting more regularly. Never seems to work.

Jason on Monday · October 25 2004

Yes, yes. New picture coming...

stacy on Monday · October 25 2004

Sometimes I need a little teasing to get new pictures up. I took a bunch this weekend, so this week should be good!

stacy on Monday · October 25 2004
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