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October 12
I am off to interview at Purdue tomorrow. It will be my first time in West Lafayette, Indiana!

More botanic garden beauty

Exclamation point? For West Lafayette?

Jason on Tuesday · October 12 2004

Why are you interviewing at Purdue?
Good luck, anyway.

Incidentally, I just finished the phone-interview phase of an interview with mayoclinic.com based in Rochester, MN. That was merely the division series of their interview process. I doubt I'll get it. I'm not sure I want it.

Reed on Tuesday · October 12 2004

I have never been there, but I heard there isn't a whole lot to do in West Lafeyette, Indiana. I thought I would spice things up with an exclamation mark. :)

I am actually doing the interviewing at Purdue, which is much less stressful than being interviewed, so it shouldn't be too bad. Good luck with your interview, Reed. I hope you get it (if you want it).

stacy on Tuesday · October 12 2004

Oh, that's much better, but I've heard there's not a lot going on in West Lafayette, or East Lafayette either.

I don't like these multi-phase interviews...like when I went to Boston a few weeks back. I had to burn vacation days and make up all sorts of lies to tell my employers and in the end I didn't get the job because they didn't think I'd be a team player. I felt like I had wasted so much time for nothing.

Reed on Tuesday · October 12 2004

College recruiting? I've never been a college interviewer before... just an interviewee. I think it'd be fun to be on the other end. :)

Brad on Tuesday · October 12 2004

I think Stacy had fun for the first few hundred interviewees. Interviewing is really tiring.

Jason on Tuesday · October 12 2004

Exhausting, yes. Yes it is.
I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore!!!
I'm sure Indiana will be lovely.l

tori on Tuesday · October 12 2004
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