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Sculpture garden
October 6
Even though I am always very sad to see summer come to a close, there is something great about having the packets of hot chocolate available in the kitchen at work. Chocolate is always a great way to start the day.

Sculpture garden

I like autumn. It's brisk!

Jason on Wednesday · October 06 2004

I love fall. Cocoa is a plus, but so is the muted sunlight and ... FALL FASHION!

tori on Wednesday · October 06 2004

Tori, I didn't know you liked muted sunlight too. I hate it when it's super bright out.

Jason on Wednesday · October 06 2004

Great photo, once again.

On this subject, I loved fal as a kid, because it's my birthday and Halloween and jumping in leaf piles and touch football and all of that.

I still love fall because it means summer is over. Summer is not pleasant here. It's just hot and nasty from about 6 am until 11 pm every day, except when it rains, in which case it's hot and steamy. If I could, I would never have to be exposed to air warmer than 68 degrees. I think I need to move.

Reed on Wednesday · October 06 2004

that's too funny. i always say "68 degrees is the PERFECT temperature"! i'm always happy when i think it's so nice and then i drive by a bank or something and it shows 68. neat to know someone else finds it just right too.

kelly on Wednesday · October 06 2004

I like 70 or so, 72 for "Summer."
But muted sunlight. mmm. It's absolutely gorgeous in the loop today.

tori on Wednesday · October 06 2004

68 is a great temperature for most things, but I prefer something around 50 F for sleeping. Last night it got down to 45 F so I had to shut the window.

Reed on Wednesday · October 06 2004

I don't like hot weather unless I'm right next to water. If I'm at the beach, I definitely want it over 80.

Jason on Wednesday · October 06 2004


tori on Thursday · October 07 2004

She's a little under the posting pictures weather today.

Jason on Thursday · October 07 2004

Thanks for hosting my kitchen mania last night! It was great to see you both. We'll have to do it at my place next time - you can bring the recipes! We'll expand our culinary prowess (or gain some?) :)

tori on Friday · October 08 2004
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