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In the Denver Botanic Gerdens
October 4
This weekend was full of music (Rilo Kiley, John Vanderslice and The Mountain Goats), football (Northwestern defeated Ohio State!), movies (The Motorcycle Diaries), and some rearranging of furniture in our house. Although my back is sore, it was a fantastic weekend.

In the Denver Botanic Gerdens

you saw the 'motorcylcle diaries'? i'm dying to see it- how was it? the preview gives me goosebumps. i bought the soundtrack a couple of weeks ago- it's awesome.

kelly on Monday · October 04 2004

Jason and I really liked it. I have read a couple of reviews that were luke-warm and their points made sense. I guess I went into the movie not knowing too much about it, so I really didn't have any specific expectations. I did really enjoy it - I think you will like it!

stacy on Tuesday · October 05 2004
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