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Croquet Masters
October 18
Now that autumn is upon us, it is time to say goodbye to summer barbeques, croquet, Cubs games, and bike rides on the lake. The leaves are beautiful, the Broncos are 5-1, and soon my orchids will be in bloom; so I am enjoying the fall so far.

Croquet Masters

I had a such a great time yesterday watching the Raider fans get pissed when the Broncos were just spanking the Raiders on their home turf. :)

Brad on Monday · October 18 2004

I did not think I'd ever see this picture up here. I am no "croquet master."

Jason on Monday · October 18 2004

This picture is priceless!
Goodbye, Cubs games, croquet, and biking along the lake... I'll miss you... terribly... urghhhhh...

+mojan. on Monday · October 18 2004
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